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Project Launchpad is an ongoing Chinese learning and pronunciation bundle. When you join Project Launchpad, you will…

♫ Learn to pronounce and learn new Chinese words through song-and-music-based techniques

♫ Get human feedback to fine tune your pronunciation 

♫ Learn ancient strategies for memorizing vocabulary through your innate mental creative abilities

♫ Pick up Chinese vocab in the most efficient, practical, and useful order

♫ Train your ear to recognize native spoken Chinese in different settings

♫ Learn to recognize Traditional Chinese writing (NOT Simplified Chinese, although you may be able to leverage your learning to recognize Simplified in the future once you are familiar with Traditional)

♫ Receive bonus trainings in language learning, meta-learning, and cultural topics

NOTE: When you sign up, you will be charged the price you see below, monthly. Each full Launchpad session runs for 12 weeks. In between sessions, there will be time off for reinforcement and review. You can cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason, no questions asked–at which point you will lose access to all course material. However we recommended that you complete at least a full 12-week session to get the full learning benefit!

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* Note: Your access to the Launchies-only training & content begins from the month you sign up, and you get to keep it for as long as you stay with us!