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Conservatory: 音樂學院 (yīnyuè xuéyuàn) a college for the study of music & the arts.


You have a burning desire to learn Chinese. But the stories you hear about Chinese being “the hardest language to learn” keep trying to vaporize your dream. 

That’s where we come in. Here at Sing & Learn Chinese we use the most intrinsically motivating methods (songs and stories) to help you learn Chinese the fun and memorable way.

In addition to the detailed song lyric descriptions we have over on our blog, you can find a variety of courses & resources here at the Conservatory to help keep up your energy and guide your way.

We can’t promise it’s going to be easy (nothing worthwhile ever is), but we CAN promise that it will be the experience of a lifetime!

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Chinese Courses

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Chinese Pronunciation for Beginners

Learn the 405 syllables and the 4+1 tones that will enable you to say ANYTHING in Chinese.

Learn to Read & Write Chinese

Learn to read the natural way, using original "Chinglish" rebuses to create unforgettable memories.

Write Your Own Chinese Songs

Learn the basics of lyric writing and translation in Mandarin. (For advanced learners)


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"Chinglish" Stories

These entertaining stories are designed to help you improve your Chinese reading abilities with ease.


405 Chinese Syllables

Dive in-depth on all 405 syllables that exist in the Chinese lexicon. Each syllable includes the important words that are represented, what they mean, how to use them correctly, and more.


2-Minute Chinese Lessons

When you’re on the go and want bite-sized audio lessons to improve your listening skills.


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Hey your site is much better than the other pinyin sites, because you have a nice explanation of each artists and their background…keep it up!


Learn a little Chinese each day...in a fun & mem'rable way!


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